6 Small Spaces That Totally Nail Bohemian Style

You don’t need a huge house in order to have fun with bohemian themes. The style looks just as a beatnik and free-spirited in a studio apartment or small outdoor porch as it does in a sprawling home. One could even make the case that those bohemian accents help a small space feel even cozier, what with boho’s reliance on layered rugs, fur throws, and intricately woven wall tapestries. Packing a room full of color and patterns gives it some personality, and the eccentric touches make you want to burrow in and relax in a space full of treasures. Below are seven small spaces that pull off perfect bohemian touches.


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1. Bohemian Country Nook

A little bit country, a little bit mid-century, a little bit bohemian, this Australian home’s reading nook hits all the right notes. You can just imagine drinking lemonade on those rattan chairs, or curling up with a book while surrounded by leafy plants.

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2. Bohemian Patterned RV

When you have a small space you can either go minimal or go big, and Briana Dubinski decided to make the most of her space and go all in. Stocking up on contrasting black and white patterns, she offset the dizzying prints with white shiplap and wicker accents.

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3. Victorian House With A Bohemian Attic

A small living room can still hold a lot of bohemian flairs, as evidenced by this Victorian home. All you need is a leather couch, a couple of cacti, and patterned pillows and rugs.

4. A Bohemian-Packed Studio

A 410-square-foot apartment in Buenos Aires is a bohemian paradise with renter-friendly flourishes. Celeste used removable vinyl wallpaper to transform the cabinets and backsplash and packed the room with countless pots of plants.

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5. Boho-Chic Renter Kitchen

This tiny renter kitchen used to have dingy white cabinets and grey linoleum flooring, but it totally transformed when Sara Toufali took out the doors, added splashes of green, and brought in a blue indigo rug. Small decorating touches made it go from drab to boho-glam.

6. Petite Living Room

A rectangular room doesn’t have to feel small and cramped, especially not when it’s packed with bohemian touches. With an oversized couch draped in textile blankets, a busy runner, and tapestries on the wall competing with fur accents, this room feels like a free-spirited paradise.

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