Living room chandelier ideas – 10 stunning styles for luxurious lighting

For elegance in abundance, living room chandelier ideas are an instant way to create a sense of everyday occasion in your living space.

But while they are initially thought of as some of the more outlandish living room lighting ideas, chandeliers can be more adaptable than you may expect. 

In essence, a chandelier is defined as any hanging light fitting with multiple light sources, usually on branches. This means it can range in style from dripping in cut crystal beads to minimal and modern, from gargantuan to petite – therefore meaning it is possible to find a chandelier to suit any living room ideas.


From impossibly ornate monoliths to delicate hints of luxury suitable for rooms of varying sizes, we have brought together some of our favorite living room chandelier ideas and asked the experts to share their top living room lighting ideas tips too.


Living room chandelier ideas with a large chandelier hanging from the skylight with pink carpet below
(Image credit: David Lovatt)

Chandeliers are never going to be quiet and reserved, so why not go as bold as you dare? ‘Statement chandeliers are the jewelry of an interior,’ says Owen Pacey, Founder of Renaissance London. ‘A great way to level up your living room is with a grand, statement chandelier, whether that’s an ornate, rococo-style, gilt piece or a contemporary sputnik globe.’

Living room wall lighting ideas can also make a statement, but a chandelier makes such a decision utterly unmissable. This magnificent chandelier filled with natural motifs is an excellent contender to the room’s other bold design features, from the octagonal skylight to the pink rug, all tempered by crisp white walls.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a small crystal empire chandelier in a traditional blue living room
(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch)

Chandeliers aren’t just for sprawling country estates and grand halls – they can in fact work very well as small living room lighting ideas.

You can use a chandelier in any space no matter how big or small,’ says Pacey. ‘It’s all about the design and size of the chandelier that you choose. Keep chandelier designs in proportion to the area.’ In this small living room, an ornate crystal empire chandelier has been scaled down to suit the room, lending the space elegance without being overbearing.

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Living room chandelier ideas in a contemporary white room with a traditional candle chandelier
(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Opt for something timeless,’ suggests Matthew Currington, Technical Director at The Lighting Superstore. ‘Go all out with an eye-catching, classic chandelier to create a focal point for the hallway, above a staircase, or in your living room.’

An enduring favorite among living room ceiling light ideas is the candle chandelier. It’s a classic silhouette that can be interpreted in all manner of styles, but always adds a sense of elegance to the room. In this space, a beautiful example with crystal pendants makes an unexpectedly seamless pairing with the room’s contemporary decor.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a crystal candle chandelier
(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

When thinking about how to plan living room lighting, it’s important to consider how light will travel from your fitting to the rest of the room. Crystal has long been a favorite material for chandeliers for its ability to bounce light around any given space. 

Bring a refined touch to the living room with a crystal chandelier taking center stage,’ says Natalie Mann, New Product Development Co-ordinator for Iconic Lights. ‘The elaborate, intricate, and thoughtful design adds a touch of glamour and luxury to the space and creates an instant wow factor. Often associated with the Gatsby era, the timeless design features an assortment of crystals that distribute the light in a mesmerizing fashion, creating a soft and ambient glow.’

Make a big statement. Wall murals are the ideal way to turn a blank wall into a showcase for your unique style. Simply line up the panels, peel, and stick to reveal your stunning design. Plus, they’re removable and leave no sticky residue behind. Wall murals available in two floor-to-ceiling sizes.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a gold globe sputnik chandelier, blue walls and neon wall light
(Image credit: Brent Darby )

The chandelier has hundreds of years of history and has continued evolving all throughout this time. The ‘sputnik’ chandelier – named for the famed satellite – is its mid-century modern incarnation and a stylish favorite among current living room lighting trends. Embrace asymmetry and dynamism with this one for a faint space-age look – in this room, the chandelier is paired with golden neon for a truly exciting lighting scheme.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a contemporary chandelier made from three circular light panels
(Image credit: Cameron Design House)

Crystal is a chandelier stalwart because of its ability to refract light around the room – but in a modern scheme, why not think about using reflective surfaces for a similar effect? These living room ideas feature Cameron Design House’s Torsa chandelier, which consists of light panels backed with highly reflective, mirror-shine copper, which also helps light travel around the room.

The Torsa is the first piece in our collection which incorporates mirrored glass within the design,’ says Creative Director Ian Cameron. ‘The use of this dynamic reflective material really adds another dimension to the piece and evolves our collection of sculptural chandeliers even further.’

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Living room chandelier ideas with a teardrop brass chandelier and colorful furniture
(Image credit: Yellow London/Matt Clayton)

When thinking about how to design a living room, positioning art on your walls is always high up the priority list – but what about dangling it from your ceiling instead. Choosing a unique, design-forward chandelier design can see your light-fitting double as a piece of sculpture. In this art-filled home in Pimlico, Yellow London fitted the sitting room with this stunning, bespoke chandelier, for which each drop was hand blown by a glassblower in Devon.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a modern asymmetrical globe chandelier
(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Soft lighting is an essential part of bringing together cozy living room ideas, and it’s something that’s perfectly possible to achieve with a chandelier too. Globe chandeliers which channel light through translucent orbs – like the ones in this example – are great for creating a warm, diffused glow for your living room. Choose an architectural arrangement like this one to keep it feeling fresh and modern.

Express your style all over your home with a feature-worthy rug. They’re made from a woven, polyester chenille for a soft and textured look. Plus, choosing from our wide array of designs, you’re sure to find just the rug to match your decor. Rugs are one of the best, attention-grabbing pieces to design a room around. Use the colors within the rug to help choose art prints, furniture fabric, and accent pillows.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a modern crystal chandelier made with glass tubes
(Image credit: Future)

Crystal’s credentials as functionally sound material for chandeliers has never waned, but you might want to see it in a more modern light in your home. The elegance of crystal is being constantly reimagined into new forms by designers, meaning you can find it in more contemporary silhouettes, like this flush mount-style chandelier, made up of hollow glass tubes. Its simple undulating form adds texture to the neutral living room ideas.

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Living room chandelier ideas with a gold chandelier with pale blue shell
(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Chandeliers can be decorated with all sorts of materials, but the best are those which interact with the light itself. Shell materials like mother of pearl are a wonderful addition, causing a shimmering sensation when in contact with the bulb’s glow. While natural materials like this are always a great bohemian living room idea, they can also be used to add a breezy, but elegant touch to more formal settings, like with this delicate pastel blue example in a sitting room.

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Absolutely! You can put a chandelier in any room of the home which you want to feel elegant and a little bit special. As a result, they tend to be better suited for formal living rooms, as they inevitably communicate a feeling of grandeur, whether simple or traditionally ornate. They also make a wonderful talking point for guests, so it’s important to have them in a room where they will be suitably admired and adored.


The first thing you’ll need to think about is size. Oversized chandeliers can work well, as long as the design is delicate enough not to feel overbearing. If you want to stay a little safer, however, keep your chandelier in proportion to your living room and save the more grandiose examples for rooms that are either expansive or with high ceilings. 

When it comes to the style, think about whether you want to run with your home’s period, or create a contrast. A sputnik chandelier can put a contemporary stamp on a period home, while still acknowledging the house’s history. Alternatively, for a more bohemian look, focus on chandeliers that incorporate natural materials. 

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