13 Stylish Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

A blank wall can be an intentional component of a room, but it can also leave you feeling uninspired. If you’re finding that staring at your paint color has become a bore, you’re in good hands. Although filling a blank wall seems like an easy task to accomplish by tacking up a painting, we know that emptiness can feel intimidating.

Blank space makes decorating decisions feel all the more important. If you’ve been unable to make eye contact with that random blank wall in your living room or the overwhelming white space in your bathroom, take a peek at the following 13 ideas. They’ll aid in transforming your space in a heartbeat and make good use out of any wall that feels lackluster.


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Spice Walls Up With an Eclectic Mix

A menagerie of artwork is just the cure for a wall that’s feeling less-than-fun. All the pieces you couldn’t find a place to hang will fit perfectly when arranged together into a mini gallery wall, completely amping up a space that’s lacking vibrancy.

Create 2D Details

If more artsy endeavors suit your fancy, you’ll want to consider this pretty idea for jazzing up a blank wall. Painting on designs to extend or enhance your furniture, like this blue stripe accenting this pendant lamp, is a unique way to add interest and give some personality to a room. Just finish it off with a painting, and you’ll no longer be bored to tears by blankness.

Enhance Awkward Corners

Some walls in our homes don’t provide ample space for decorating, but if a framed photo feels dull, try DIYing a sculptural accent wall. Here, angled pieces of wood make a narrow entryway wall become a gorgeous modern focal point of this house.

Layer on the Colors

The most fitting antidote to a plain wall is a maximalist makeover. Once you’ve plastered the space in wallpaper, find corresponding artwork to really give it a total transformation. Sculptural objects and pieces like this green lamp are perfect final touches to your revamped wall.

Roll on the Wallpaper

A blank wall will surely benefit from a good swatch of wallpaper for a quick fix that infuses lots of drama and style. The pretty pink pattern seen here serves this powder room well and sets a nice backdrop for the rounded corner mirror and double-sided light fixture.

Work in Groups

A single piece of artwork can be swallowed up by a blank wall, so if you’re really looking to fill a void, work in groups of paintings or objects. This is a guaranteed way to maintain balance and make space feel more lively.

Complement and Contrast

The artwork on both sides of the fireplace balance one another out nicely, and while they’re different at face value, the shapes and proportions match up flawlessly and give the space some visual interest. Take this as proof that wall art doesn’t need to be identical to be harmonious.

Add a Pinch of Plant Life

Plants can normally be found in the empty corners of our abodes, but why not give the same botanical treatment to your empty walls? Fill blank spaces in with a burst of vivid greenery to instantly breathe some life into a living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Mix and Match Artwork

Although the busy patterns on the artwork and chairs in this room are different, their foundational elements are black and white, which is why they look so unbelievably good together.

Don’t be scared to mix prints—if they share a common element your space will feel luxe and walls will be full of life.


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Picasso Your Way Out of a Blank Wall

Like wallpaper, paint can be a fantastic solution to an empty white wall, especially when you take it beyond a classic solid coat. Try playing with proportions by sketching out interesting angles, or pair two different colors for a result that only required one gallon and some creativity.

Find the Perfect Wall Hanging

Macramé, loom weavings, felting—you have quite a few options when it comes to choosing a wall hanging. These are the masters of adding texture and color, and they quickly took a wall from blah to brilliant without very little handiwork or planning. It makes for easy seasonal decorating, too.

Install Oversized Frames

Try rethinking the ordinary; you’ll be surprised at the small adjustments you can make that have a major impact. In this room, for example, extra-large frames around smaller photos give a cool twist and feel more unexpected—not to mention they take up plenty of blank space.

Make Use of Your Favorite Reads

Built-in bookshelves and the like can look so chic when done right. Or, if you have space but no inlets, it might be time for a small reno project. This feature gives shape to a flat wall, and with a sleek color palette of books, it’ll feel more like décor instead of a form of storage.

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