6 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Bohemian Kitchen


These days, “bohemian” can mean many things: greige walls and wicker chairs, or fabrics billowing around open windows. Bohemian melds beautifully with Scandinavian minimalism — or even farmhouse. But that doesn’t mean the style is scattered. It just underscores how easy integrating bohemian style is, no matter what your space looks like.

When people talk about gorgeous bohemian kitchens, they’re usually pinpointing a few things. First, and most importantly: eclectic color, although exactly how much color you integrate remains up to you. For some, “color” means turquoise cabinetry; for others, color is found in bright, cheerful boho kitchen accessories. When it comes to choosing lighting for your bohemian kitchen, look for textured pendants that incorporate natural materials like raffia or rattan. But if you want lighting that is a bit more easy to clean, a fun option is to mix brass and/or glass pendants in different silhouettes.

Here are our tips for building the bohemian kitchen of your dreams:

1. Choose a maximalist backsplash

Seeking that boho vibe? Don’t be afraid to go bold with your backsplash. This in-your-face kitchen from Kate Pearce Vintage doesn’t hesitate with color and pattern. Black-and-white tiled walls could compete with the royal-blue stove — not to mention the rustic island. But somehow, they don’t.

2. Add some funk to your walls

Here’s another maximalist bohemian kitchen — but with a Southwestern vibe. A hand-painted mural centers Jest Cafe‘s kitchen in a luscious color scheme of orange and red. Quarry tiles, overflowing plants, and texture galore give this place a warm, homey feel.

3. Seek out Southwestern vibes

Boho and Southwestern chic are a match made in heaven: Jungalow heaven, to be precise. This gorgeous orange-hued kitchen from Jungalow HQ is a perfectly crafted monument to bohemian style. The tiles are playful and fun, and the teal refrigerator (and matching island) ground this sunburnt space.

4. Use natural elements

Natural wood is the star of the show in this bohemian kitchen spotlighted by Fireclay Tiles. Of course, the subtly patterned backsplash tiling is to die for, but it’s the creative use of wood that steals the room. The geometric pattern on the front of the wall feels slightly trippy — paired with the stained-glass windows (the place is a former church, after all), this clever space exudes carefree curation. And what’s more bohemian than that?

5. Put plants everywhere

House plant parents, get excited: Classic bohemian style embraces the natural, and that goes beyond wood. The final piece of any boho-chic kitchen is the perfect collection of plants. Whether you prefer draping pothos or glorious monstera — or anything and everything in between, like in this boho kitchen from Black and Bloom — give your green babies a starring role in your renovation for the perfect bohemian look.

6. Embrace seaside bliss

The soft green hexagonal backsplash in this picture-perfect bohemian kitchen from Elana Loo evokes the sea — without sacrificing bohemian style. Exposed wood shelving and careful accessorizing (who wouldn’t die over that pineapple cutting board?) make the room feel serene.

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